Social Work

We are blessed to bless

Assistance to non-profit organizations

The Dissau team is committed to making this world a better place. We believe that God has given us an enormous blessing that we should share with everyone we can. Therefore, we are constantly involved in helping as many organizations as possible according to our resources, time and energy.

For this reason we set aside 10% of all our income to finance the work we do for non-profit organizations that need help in the technological area.

Blessed to Bless

Your organization is not alone

We believe that we have been blessed to bless so it is part of our mission to accompany and treat others in the same way we would like to be treated.
If you are a volunteer who would like to put your gifts to work to bless those around you, please contact us.

Areas we serve

If you are a non-profit organization and you need help in the areas in which we can help you just schedule an appointment with us to listen to you and plan the project to make your dreams come true and to meet your needs. All this is with a 0 or minimum cost based on the size of the project.

You can contact us by the methods described below on this page. Interviews are free of charge. You can also write to us at or

Indirectly, all of our clients are helping the organizations we assist, as 10% of our revenues go to support this work.
Directly you can apply to be a volunteer or sponsor within our services to help non-profit organizations.

We can help you by designing your website

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If you have any questions

It will be a pleasure for our team to assist you and help you with your needs.


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